High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Running in the Dead"

After several minutes of recap material, taken from Takashi's perspective as he remembers the initial day of the incident, we're taken back to where Takashi and Rei are racing along on their motorcycle trying to figure out how to get back with everyone after the bus incident in the previous episode. The night is here and things feel even more dangerous as you see the infected walking through the streets. The lights of the city of the dead at night causes it to be even more surreal and creepy. The various flashback elements eventually bring us back to the present as we see how Z-Day has played out not only with the characters we know but also with those who have also survived, and with the others Takashi was with who are now part of a larger convoy being protected to get somewhere safe.

In a bit of a change from how shows like this operate, Rei is proving to be quite the strong female lead character as she does what needs to be done. When she and Takashi come across a crushed police car with gas leaking about, she has no problem in searching through the car to find whatever she can before something happens, such as getting handcuffs and a gun along with a few odds and ends. Takashi isn't exactly being a milquetoast considering what he did to Hisashi and others at the school, but he's still more cautious than she is in some ways. Both of them are moving at different speeds to adjusting to the reality of the new world, but Rei is definitely adjusting a bit faster and coping with it in her own way.

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