Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino Collection Review

Four years after the original series aired in Japan, a sequel series came out with another thirteen episodes worth of cute girls with guns. But unlike most cute girls with guns shows, this one aims at something rather different as it's focused on a serious series of events in the real world and it uses very young girls for the cute girls part. That can be something of a conflict for fans that want usually see somewhat older, bouncier and flouncier girls running about. Gunslinger Girl aims for something a little more highbrow, especially after the first series.

Gunslinger Girl revolves around a group of young girls who have had their bodies rebuilt using near future cyborg technology, essentially making "bionic girls" that are in the employ of the Italian government. Using girls who are in dire medical straights, often where they're in horrible accidents and would die otherwise, their memories are wiped and they're given new names, new lives, working for the Social Welfare organization. It's here that they're paired up with adult male handlers who give them a name and work to train them as obedient highly skilled assassins. The training is continual and the girls generally are problem free, though there are occasionally issues that crop up that require them to be worked on, physically and psychologically.

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