Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Ep 8"

Okamisan takes an amusing turn this time around as the club gets to deal with a new task that's a bit outside the norm. While they've worked mainly with students within the school in order to secure future favors for use, they've gotten a request from the outside now about helping a wealthy young man find a wife that will properly suit him. The twist is that the young man, Nezumi, is actually about eleven years old and comes across in his initial introduction as a darkly spoiled young man who wants what he wants. The club does take on the task since there's a chance of a good favor being owed in the long run, but the real fun at first is just watching the butler and the maid characters flirt with each other in a somewhat subtle way while everyone else watches on.

As we get to know Nezumi and what he's looking for from a woman within the Otogi Academy, he comes across more as someone who is in a difficult situation by being a young heir and having a lot of pressures placed on him. Much of the episode involves the club members walking around with Nezumi to check out prospective brides, which includes a nice callback to Ami from the earlier episode. Nezumi knows what he wants and his butler has all the details of everyone on hand which leads to some rather cutting and biting summaries of what makes each of them tick, including a particular club member or two. Watching Nezumi go around and asking these girls that are about five or six years older than him is rather cute since he's earnest about it, but you have to wonder what they really think about the whole thing in their hearts, or if they're even giving it any serious thought after it happens since they're so focused on their own interests.

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