Hikaru no Go Episode #75 Review

After quite a good run considering this is a show about playing Go, Hikaru no Go finally comes to an end but in a way that's likely to displease a lot of fans. The show has spent a lot of time building up towards the match between Hikaru and Akira happening again, especially after the aborted one before, so when it finally does happen and we don't get back to it after the lunch break the characters take, it's fairly cruel to the viewer. Having the result of the game revealed in a dream sequence doesn't help ease it either since it feels like it's trivializing the match itself when it's something many have longed to see.

A small portion of the final episode does play out in a dream where Hikaru sees Sai again, though Sai has no words to say at this point. Hikaru's definitely an eager student in all of this though as he's telling him everything that's happened to him and his friends and wanting to share all of it. It's something that's endearing even when it ends in a tearful note, but it's good to see that Hikaru has finally made his peace with everything and is able to move forward again. And that moving forward has him working hard as a 1-dan player, playing against Akira in the salon and through all the competitions and matches where he's become the strongest of them all in his rank because of the extra length of time he's going to be there because of all the matches he missed. Hikaru is moving forward fully and as we see him taking on more and more of Sai's characteristics with a lot of strength, alongside Akira, it's a great moment.

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