Cross Game Episode #15 Review

There's something to be said for seniority as the Portable's coach, Maeno, is using his lengthy time as a coach to his advantage. He's been setting up numerous games with other schools as practice games where the Seishu itself isn't actually involved in a way, giving him some leeway even though he didn't ask permission of the principal. News of this reaches Daimon and the principal though and it's a surprise to Daimon that the Portables haven't disbanded yet at all. With what Maeno has done though, both men see it as an opportunity to shut down the Portable's once and for all and move forward with the real team with no distractions left.

It doesn't exactly feel like a setup considering how the Portables have played and the six games they've lost, but Maeno manages to make a deal with the principal before they fire him. One more match between the Varsity players and the Portables with the coaches jobs on the line. It's amusing to Daimon since he doesn't think there's a real chance at it, but he sees it as a way to finally put it all to rest. Ko and the others are a bit surprised about it all but they take the faith that Maeno has in them and think they can use that in order to give it their all. You do wonder if Ko and some of the others have been putting their all into the games in order to set up something like this though since if they can beat the Varsity team, they'll have to beat many of those they played against as well at full strength if they are hiding their real strengths. But if you go by Maeno, the real strength of the Portables is that they are a team whereas the Varsity players are simply a collection of strengths. It fits in well with what's been learned of Daimon and his style.

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