Gintama Collection 01 Review

Based on the manga by Hideaki Sorachi, which is at thirty two volumes at the time of release of this collection, Gin Tama is a very lengthy series with over two hundred episodes. Like a lot of comedies, it's easy to get that number out there since it's dealing with episodic gags and an ever growing cast of characters from which to build. The manga has done very well both in Japan and abroad and the series has seen itself being streamed on Crunchyroll, which is where the subtitles for this release appear to come from as we only see credits for subtitle formatting, not translation.

Comedies are often the more difficult shows to release and Gin Tama is no exception. I hadn't seen or read anything on the show prior to this but I like the initial setup while finding that the overall execution left me doing anything but laughing. Toward the end of the Edo period of Japan, the world is invaded by aliens called the Amanto who essentially co-opt the world as they take it over. People now live side by side with all manner of creatures and their absurd natures while also having a lot of high technology and bathrooms thrust at them. Focusing on Edo, as we don't get to see how the rest of the world adapted to this change, the city is an interesting mix of old and new with run down slums, basic houses and high tech high rises along with up to date red light districts with full on karaoke. It's not really high tech future material, though we do get some flying ships here and there, but the technology level generally represents what we have in society today.

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