Black Buttler II - Season 2 - Episode 11 - Review: "Crossroads Butler"

Black Butler takes an amusing turn this episode as it puts Sebastian and Claude in competition with each other in a different way, one that has a decidedly video game feel to it. With Ciel off at the Clocktower where his mind contains the memories of both him and Alois, a trap has been set where the two butlers have to go through a labyrinth in order to reach him. Each stage of it has a place where they must get their card stamped to prove they made it through there by answering the questions and dealing with any particular challenge they may have. Things that seem obvious aren't since it's dealing with Alois' version of reality, and that puts Sebastian at a disadvantage, at least at first, until he can use Grell as a weapon of sorts by throwing him through doors.

The game is pretty heavily weighed towards Claude since it's all about Alois, but since the two young men are essentially sharing a mind right now, Ciel is able to start tweaking things along the way to give Sebastian a chance at moving forward throughout the maze. It's all fairly revelatory material that's likely been covered in the first season but is a bit fresher to me since I haven't seen that. Going through their pasts and little quirks help to flesh them out and it's amusing how some of what Ciel is able to slip into the game causes Sebastian to be amused in what he's being called, such as a silly goose with the ink stamp that he gets on a particular question.

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