Asobi ni Ikuyo - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "The Great First Assistaroid?"

No cute opening song this episode.

As we start, the Cats are again in full Star Trek mode, but something is a little different this time. The Catian ship we see is bringing a very important visitor to Earth, the first Assistaroid. This was the first one created, the ancestor of all of the cute little robots we see running about. It's a rather big deal, though Elis tells Kio and the girls that they're not ordered to make any special preparations, though over at Antonia's place, we see the Assistaroid that Elis gave to her, named Neko-tan, ask permission to take a few days off to go and see its "grandmother."

There also seems to be a special Earth song that the Catians really like...which turns out to be nothing more than the opening song to some old anime named Captain Future (which, by the way, is a real show, as there was an anime adaptation made in 1978 based off of the original stories and novels published in an American pulp fiction magazine of the 1940s and 1950s, with many of the stories being written by Edmond Hamilton, who is mentioned in the show here).

Anyhow, the First Assistaroid finally shows up, and she proves something of a surprise. She is not a short little robot looking creature. Rauri, for that is her name, is a rather attractive cat android. She is of normal height and she can speak. While Elis goes out to get some snacks, Kio talks to Rauri...or rather, Rauri gives Kio a lecture about why the Catians stopped making human-like Assistaroids, going on about how people get taken in by the illusion of speaking and looking like humans and therefore do not know how to react properly to an android: whether it be pretending they are a human or going the opposite route of becoming afraid of their ability to mimic humans and seeing them as a threat. This is rather deep philosophic stuff...and completely out of place for this light-hearted fanservice show.

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