Giant Killing Episode #18 Review

The ETU is certainly running into is slump, though it's one that in some ways the team can certainly be proud of since they aren't losing. They've had several draws in a row and they're starting to reach their limits a bit, causing the combination of both things to start to impact them psychologically. The game that kicks off this episode after the credits has them playing in the rain no less, adding to the frustration and causing the red and yellow cards to fly along as well. It's like kicking them when they're already down. Yet when you consider that in the previous season they were losing consistently, draws are a step up, but not what they want after the wins they were having and the momentum they had behind them.

The psychological side is a dangerous one as it starts causing the players to rail against each other after the games over mistakes, real or perceived. The focus turns onto Akasaki who is taking the draws very seriously, enough so that he accuses the other players of playing just to have fun instead of playing to win. And he says this from his junior position to the senior players during the halftime period when they're still in the midst of a game. It's not something that's good for other new players to see and it doesn't speak well of the senior players. Yet Tatsumi just sits and watches from his position of knowledge where he believes that draws show him exactly how a team is truly feeling about a situation. So seeing many of them angry and unhappy is a good thing, it's just a matter of directing them properly.

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