Asobi ni Ikuyo - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "I Came to Get It "

It's Christmas time (already?), and Elis is excited to learn about Earthlings and their religious beliefs, only to be disappointed when Kio tells her that in Japan, everyone celebrates Christmas, but very few actually follow the religion that gave it birth. As Elis, Kio, Aoi and Manami stroll along a mall all decked out in Christmas decorations, Manami takes the opportunity to urge Aoi to make her move. Christmas is a great time to score relationship points, by giving a gift and doing something special. She notes how Elis and Kio have not made any progress as a couple, so Aoi should take the opportunity to launch an "attack."

Up above on the Cat Mother Ship, the crew is talking about Christmas as well. It appears that they will be allowed to get in on the gift giving and holiday cheer as well, as the Catian Government back at home has passed a special resolution allowing it (they don't normally allow gift giving?). Their little reverie on Christmas and the joy that Santa Claus brings is interrupted, however, by an attack by the Dogisians: while the Dogs cannot operate openly, they have dirty tricks available to them, such as launching obsolete human satellites at the Catian ship. They do not present much of a threat, but they still are annoying. Having dispensed with the primitive attack, the Captain, Kuune, announces that she is going down to Earth, as she's been invited to Kio's house for a special Christmas meal. She's also planning on bringing Kio a nice present.

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