Black Butler II - Season 2 - Episode 6 - Review: "Night Dew Butler"

The return of Alois in the previous episode was rather welcome as I liked his particular brand of crazy. Though they knew they were walking into a trap, everyone brought Ciel to the residence under the continued pretense of not knowing that he's lost his memory, of them and of other things. The bringing together of the range of friends and allies he has is certainly an interesting angle, especially having not seen the first season, as some of the basics about what this season is like finally makes sense. With that out of the way though, Alois went off on Ciel in an amusing way and set up a nice little fight between butlers, especially since he's so impressed by Sebastian and really wants to see him clawing on the floor before him.

Alois' plans are just to deal with Sebastian and Ciel though as he instructs his very beaten down servant to bring out a musical device to entertain the guests while he's away. The device is certainly one that has a certain haunting beauty to it with its layering and the kind of music it creates, but it also introduces a lot of pain to those that hear it. Well, outside of the two who are smart enough to see what it is ahead of time and wear earplugs. Sebastian's return to the scene allows him to be creative in fighting back against it though, further pushing the way he's such a master at stagecraft and style.

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