Uraobku - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Review: "Sakura"

With the revelation in the previous episode about Takashiro being over a thousand years old and something outside of the norm when it comes to those like Yuki and the others, this episode takes us back to the Heian period where we see Takashiro as a vital member of the village community along with Reiga. The difference being that Reiga is someone that the villagers seem to be wary of if not outright fearful of. Reiga's a sullen type who resent what's going on in the world and with the clan in particular as they're the ones who, as he puts it, always have to clean up someone else's messes when it comes to the demons they protect the court against.

The Giou clan of the time is made up of an interesting group when it came to those that actively dealt with the demons. Heading it up was Ariou, a mysterious man who is seen only in shadows. Below him came Takashio, Reiga and Yomi to make it a very powerful yet small group that dealt in matters of the court. Takashiro feels like he does in the now, though there's a slightly softer edge to him here as he's more willing to take on the troubles of others without a second though, even if it causes some like Reiga to dislike the entire process. The focus of the group, or at least the principle three, forms around a sakura tree within their courtyard. Unlike the others around it, it does not blossom and has not for a very long time, but there is a sense of hope about it that it will one day do so and they'll all be there for it.

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