Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 62 - Review: "The Violent Counterattack"

The nature of Father is one that's pretty much that of a spoiled god, though Hohenheim calls him out early on the fact that he can't really be considered a god since all he engages in is destruction. Father's view of everything being a lower life form outside of himself highlights his nature pretty easily as he has little issue in using anything and everyone in pursuit of his goals and reaching his own destiny. With so much time behind him now and the ability to start again, he's simply intending to wash away much of what's in front of him first so he can do so without distraction. And he does so by drawing out the bodies/souls of those he took in from Xerxes all those years ago and setting them to claw against Hohenheim and the rest. Having a tiny baby prodding at Izumi is truly one of the more disturbing images in this series.

While the fight aboveground goes on, it's really amusing to see Greeling taking on a strong leadership role that stems from his human aspect. That doesn't sit well with General Armstrong and the two are amusing to watch as they both have their reasons for assuming control of the situation and trying to do what's necessary. Armstrong in particular has some really strong moments here, including the very quiet time she spends over Bradley's body when she discovers it and understands just how much has gone on around her. The fallout in general with regards to the attack by Father leads to a number of good quiet scenes, from May realizing the sacrifice that Al made for her to seeing how Hohenheim did everything he could to protect all of them. Ed's issues with his father are really coming to a head here as events move past everything that the two have had issue with over the years.

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