Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Episode #07"

Having concluded that she's failed to properly seduce him, Korone has removed herself from the picture as the observer for him and Sai finally learns that bit about her real job. Others are aware of it too now which makes him feel a bit more self-aware over it but it's hard to get over the initial loss of Korone as she's been a strong constant in his life for a bit now since coming to the academy. While Sai is the lead in the series, we're starting to move a bit beyond him as well by providing the opposite side of that coin as we learn that Hiroshi, who is doing his best to be Sai's friend, may indeed be the legendary hero prophesized about.

The initial problem that arises from this is that Sai doesn't want to be the demon king, though he's doing a good job at acquiring its perks and abilities, and he can't believe that Hiroshi wants to be the legendary hero either. Hiroshi and Sai have been pretty good friends since Sai's arrival and Sai has done good by him overall, but there's that nagging thing in his mind that maybe contrary to his thoughts that he might actually want to be the hero. Amusingly, Hiroshi's younger sister Yukiko confronts Sai about it and ends up speaking out of turn in a way that really impacts Yukiko but also angers and upsets Hiroshi, would lays some possible foundations for him wanting to at least smack Sai about the whole thing.

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