Baka and Test - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Mock Exam, Phantom Thief and Love Letter "

Perhaps Himeji and Akihisa are meant for each other. While their academic abilities might diverge wildly, their level of common sense is perfectly matched, along with their timing and carelessness. Right off the bat in this episode, Himeji, brilliant otherwise, fails in delivering a love letter to Yoshii in person (instead, giving him a bunch of photos of Yoshii in a maid outfit from last episode). Truly, their level of cluelessness is perfectly matched.

So it goes for the rest of the episode. Repeating jokes is what this show is all about, so it's no surprise that we get another appearance of Akihisa's older sister Akira trying to fulfill her incestuous desires (and thankfully failing yet again). A nutritional joke that does not provide enough comedy calories follows. Then we have Himeji's failed attempts at delivering a love letter (even after she had read a book specifically advising people how to deliver love letters). We get the usual shtick from Yuuji and Shouko, with Shouko constantly harassing and threatening Yuuji with a stun gun, this time presenting him with the menace of a completely filled out wedding registration certificate. We have Minami in a quest to gather all of the pictures taken of Akihisa in a female maid outfit. We have Hideyoshi trying to recover his missing costume for the drama club (a female nurse's outfit. Frankly, the Hideyoshi cross-dressing joke is getting boring at this point).

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