Sooo good

Thursday's episode made my week. I think part of what

made it so amazing was that there were scenes outside

of the hospital. I've been waiting for a scene like

that for quite some time. The characters seemed so

close (like actual friends) at Callie's apartment.

Callie and Arizona seemed like they had so much

chemistry in this episode, but I really wanted

Callie to hug her when she was upset.

And of course, the ending was the best. I was going

to have a heart attack when Callie said "You do?".

I wanted her to say "I love you" back. When she

did, omg, it was just so good.

I really hope that Callie and Arizona have more

screne time together. And I hope that the new

cast get's less screne time/leaves. They are so

annoying. I can't bring myself to like any of



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