Golgo 13 Collection 2 DVD Review

With Golgo 13's long history, it's a real testament to the property that the manga is still ongoing and that it's kept to its core premise. The first set gave us thirteen episodes that showcased exactly what Golgo is all about with his minimal dialogue, cold killings and a healthy dose of carnal relations with beautiful women. Provide numerous international settings and a whole lot of style and you have a really fun show. The downside is that with it being an episodic show, you know it's all going to be resolved in one episode and someone is going to die. But that tends to work well if you go into it with the right mindset รข€“ and that you don't marathon it.

Golgo 13 offers up a fair bit of variety to the stories that are told and the way they have to get him to kill people. One of the things that makes Golgo so interesting is that he really is a cipher for the most part. One story has one government trying to get various terrorists to off each other by using them to target each other without knowing it. Golgo gets drawn into it as a target, though there are some that aren't sure they want him killed since he's so useful. When the discussion comes up about him and his lack of ideology, the way you find yourself viewing him is that he's not really a person. He's a tool used by those who can pay to do the jobs he agrees to, but there's nothing behind it the majority of the time outside of the paycheck. He's worked all sides of the fence and has no problems with any of it from what's been show. While it keeps him from being a hugely engaging character in one sense, it does make him extremely different from just about every other show.

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