Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Ep 4"

With the disappearance of a student and Maya, Abe is being assigned to search for them, partially as a way to keep him out of the hair of other people. His journey takes a less than welcome turn though when he heads into town where the effort is being orchestrated and he hooks up with Mikaze, who suggests that they go out in the car to search for them. Mikaze apparently is a fan of Initial D as she drives the car hard and drifts up and down the mountain region, something that puts Abe into a whole other mindset as he's nearly catatonic. The two of them have an interesting relationship as they manage to be two kinds of bumbling people that invariably discover mysterious things. One person is bad enough, two together? Watch out.

Having seen what Maya was up to in the previous episode, it's amusing when Abe freaks out while exploring a mysterious tunnel with Mikaze and ends up running off only to go straight into Maya. Yet he doesn't seem to be able to find Mikaze after that and wanders off, rather nonchalantly at that, with Maya while she explains some of the mystery that she's discover. When the pair make a huge discovery, name the Tree of Life from legend as Maya details its various incarnations, it turns out to be fairly inconsequential to both of them and to Abe in particular since his camera shows that the whole mountain is blown to smithereens in 2012. But this area is just a first layer of discovery as it turns out Abe No. 5 was here as well, though reduced to a pile of truly awful smelling goo since then.

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