Durarara! - Season 1 - Episode 18 - Review: "Life and Death are Up to Fate"

Anri's storyline has closed out a little bit and she's in recovery mode now, which means its time to shift the story a little bit. Her arc provided a lot of revelations, about herself and the Slasher, and how that may figure into events going forward as she has to decide whether to be a force for good or just a force of chaos. This episode starts to focus on Kida with a trip to the past at a time a year ago when a girl named Saki ended up in the hospital, a girl that's still in the hospital even all this time later. What's surprising about this little trip down memory lane is that Izaya is there with Kida and he's spending his time seriously taunting the young man, egging him into anger very easily. And it's an anger that hasn't abated as even the mention of his name in the present causes him to grind his teeth.

Kida's time as one of the Yellow Scarves is interesting to watch, as is the sheer amount of Yellow Scarves that we see roaming about Ikebukuro. Kida's meeting of Saki occurs just moments before his meeting with Izaya and it's there that we learn that Izaya is something of a guardian for her, making it easier to understand how Izaya will manipulate things as time goes on. With Kida running things for the Yellow Scarves, much as we saw how Mikado handled things with the Dollars, it's intriguing to see the differences and similarities between the two. But it's also apparent that Izaya is manipulating things and even though Kida is aware of it, it's hrd to go against Izaya's suggestions and ideas because they tend to work well. And even harder for Kida since he's so interested in Saki.

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