Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #49-52 Review

Some of the more interesting moments of the series is when the various characters visit each other in their home countries. Japan's at the point where it's about to achieve "cultural enlightenment" and France has come to visit him. Even his charms work there, though you could expect them to fall flat, as his showy style appeals to the women he sees. Japan is trying to hide from everything, though eventually he's drawn out into the world and even tries to pull off some of France's moves to little effect. France has quite the sense of humor though as he completely messes with Japan at times, leading him to an embarrassing situation or two.

Japan doesn't get just a visitor from France either as America has shown up to teach Japan a new game. The arrival of foreigners in Japan continues to be amusing since they stand out so much and the reactions of the people vary between wary but curious and somewhat openly flirtatious, though that's more with France. America introduces Japan to the game of table-turning, or a very basic version of the Ouija board, which doesn't exactly thrill Japan. But they get down to business and ask questions which ends up showing the naivety of Japan in some ways when dealing with the outside world. The game does turn to Japan opening up more to America though and they're slowly becoming better friends since Japan shows some emotions and deep thoughts with him. It's hard for Japan though, especially when you realize that there is the huge age difference between the two characters. It's an interesting period for Japan as he deals with the change from a closed country to one dealing with foreign countries and it's presented in a far too cute way here.

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