Arizona + Wallace + Timetable Confusion

I think I may be confused by the timetable here. Arizona came to SGH after Dr. Kenley (the Pediatric attending) had a heart attack in front of Jackson Prescott. I remember the chief telling Bailey that she was first in her class like her etc...and that no one else would take the job because of all the crazy mishaps around the hospital. But, Wallace had been living at Seattle Grace for the last 7 months with his condition...and Arizona had been treating him for the last two years..? Then, in the episode where she & Callie were at the park & in the Roshoman epi where she yelled at Little Grey, it is implied that she had JUST moved to Seattle. Callie & Arizona have been dating for what...? Two months? And Arizona has been at Seattle Grace for maybe 2 1/2? I'm so confused with the time-table. Has Arizona been in Seattle for years, months...etc and at Seattle Grace for how long..? Made no sense.

Besides all that confusion, I really did like the episode. Loved Jcaps performance and all the scenes with her & Callie (especially the "lack of support" scene at Callie's apartment and the scene downstairs after Wallace died). I think we really got to see why Callie loves her. It was nice.

But anyway, that original question of mine is still puzzling..


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