Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: ''Seating Change"

Wow, really late on this one. Real life has been keep me busy but here it is! The second term has started and Sawako and heading to school. She sees a stray dog in a box by the river and since it was raining, she decides to place her umbrella above it so that it wouldn't get wet. She arrives at school and because her hair is wet, she looks even scarier than normal (to others). She doesn't have a change of clothes so she just sits at her desk when Shouta shows up wet as well but drying himself off with the towel he brought. Shouta recognizes the west Sawako and lends her his towel. He calls Chizuru and Ayane over and asks them if they have an extra set of clothes. They find one of the girls (sorry I can't remember, it's been too long!) gym clothes and even though it smelled, Sawako was so happy that she has friends close enough to lend her clothes. She gives them all juice boxes as a sign of thanks, but in true Sawako style, she just leaves said juice boxes on their desks without telling them. As her way back home from school, she stops by the river where the dog was to check up on him. As she's doing this, Shouta shows up as well. She explains to him how she left her umbrella for the dog and that's why she was wet when she got to school. The dog reacts the same way as the morning, where it growls at Sawako, but totally friendly with Shouta. Shouta mentions to her that if a dog sees that a person is friendly to another person, then they stop barking at that person. So he gets up close to Sawako showing the dog that they are friendly and magically the dog stops barking! I think it's the day, the class does a seating change, for the new semester. Everyone talks about how they don't want to be anywhere close to Sawako after she takes a number. She sits at the far left, second last seat and as she does this, Shouta sits right beside her. As he does this, (I think) Ayane sits right in front her. As (I think) Chizuru tries to sit behind her, takes the seat, telling her that he was assigned this seat. So she ends being beside (I think) Ayane. For the first time in her life, Sawako is able to say the she is happy with the seating arrangement.

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