Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "The Rat of Darkness Devours the Cat "

Nura rolls right along with another episode that is slowly getting Rikuo ready for the position that he needs to inherit. Generally, a character that's going to inherit a position takes one of three different approaches. One is that they take it on silently, learning and working hard at it so they can master it even if they resent it and possibly look for a way out of it as they get older. The second is that they rebel constantly while being drawn into it, causing them to either become someone who can take on the role seriously with a new edge or they escape it entirely. The third, which fits our Third Heir, is to simply whine and practically cry about it as they hurt those closest to them and lash out like a petty child. Rikuo is a hard character to like because of this.

This episode revolves around something that Nurarihyon did some time back in which the problems caused by the Kyuso clan became such an issue that Nurarihyon ended up excommunicating the entire clan. Time has passed as Kyuso is now trying to take advantage of the situation by trying to force Rikuo to give up his position as the Third Heir. That would be the victory he wants in order to shame the clan that Rikuo seems to not want to be a part of sometimes, even with as little yokai blood as he has. Kyuso takes a cowardly approach to revenge though as he kidnaps Yura and Kana while they're out and uses them as the wedge to try and take down Rikuo. So he has the choice to either man up about it or let Kyuso win.

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