OUTLAW ''In: Re Officer Hale'' Review Season 1, Episode 2

The In: Re Officer Hale episode of OUTLAW deals with the new Arizona immigration law. Officer Hale saw James Reyes alone on a street and asked for identification per that new law. The confrontation escalated and Hale shot Reyes leading to criminal charges. Cyrus represents Hale over Al's repeated and vehement objections. He assembles a mostly Hispanic jury over everyone`s objections, uses convoluted and tortured logic in court and wins his second case (like there was any doubt).

This episode of Outlaw is kind of a mess. The courtroom scenes are both boring and credulity-stretching. The judge (sorry, Ed Begley, Jr.) is pathetic and the prosecutor is about as competent as Marcia Clark. Cyrus pretty much wins by default, I think, and Jimmy Smits doesn't even seem to be having fun doing it. Oh, and why does Cyrus have a team if he isn't going to listen to anything they say? I guess they're just there to book the hotel rooms and get intel from distraught wives.

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