Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: ''After School"

Sawako offers to make the attendance list for the new semester. Kazehaya offers to help but Pin doesn't like it (they were Tokimeki Memorial-ing) so instead calls him to the staff room. Oh I forgot, before this happened, Kazehaya asks what he should call the dog they both found. Before she can say anything Pin gives an extravagant name, but Sawako decides to call it "Maru-chanâ" from the name Pin suggested. Also to break the rumours, Pin looks directly into Sawako's eyes for three seconds and tells the whole class, he did it. Kazehaya does it too but after the three seconds, he is quite embarrassed. Also Sawako is all doki doki from it, but doesn't know why. So anyways, back to after school, and while Sawako is doing the after school duties, Kazehaya gets away from Pin while he is in the washroom. They share a moment with Kazehaya writing Sawako's name on the attendance sheet but then is quickly called back to the staffroom by Pin. Right after, Endo and Hirano walk in and end up helping Sawako. She's yet again, break the wall with more people. The next day, Chizuru and Ayane hear that Endo and Hirano talked to Sawako after class and congratulate her. Sawako tells them that they are the reason why they decided to talk to her. While in class, Kazehaya passes Sawako a note asking her if she wants to hang out after school, Kazehaya bringing the dog.

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