Hikaru No Go - Season 3 - Episode 15 - Review: "Episode #55"

Sai's presence in the world has certainly been interesting and you have to wonder what his true purpose, the one he doesn't know about, has to do with everything. Is he there to find the Divine Move he's sought after all this time in an opponent like Meijin? Is he there to be a challenge for the big players of this age in order to motivate them on to something bigger that he himself cannot achieve? Or is he really there to give Hikaru the push he needed to be a part of this world and discover his true potential that will change the world of Go itself? Suffice to say, there's a lot of hype and build-up with the presence of Sai in the world and you have to wonder whether it will be worth it when he finally gets his chance against Meijin.

The start of the match is certainly theatrical enough but I can't bring myself to begrudge them that because this is an epic match just in the people participating in it. Similar to Hikaru's match against Meijin, we see a good bit of it through the eyes of others, such as Waya's time in discovering that the match is now going and he realizes it must be the real Meijin playing against the well known Sai. Other players from around the world jump in as well as the news spreads and we see their surprised reactions, which is good since there has been such a build up in reputation for both of them. I was very pleased to see that they dealt with the actual game in two modes for display. They show it through the eyes of others with the dots on the screen of the laptops and desktops, but they also give us a virtual view where it looks like the two men are sitting across from each other and playing. The intensity of it and the basics of the visuals, mostly black backgrounds, adds to the importance of the match.

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