Omamori Himari - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: "Episode 11"

The penultimate episode of the series gets underway with a fair bit of action through which to set the stage but also a bit of angst. Not surprisingly, as most series of this nature and length tend to have to deal with, the main villains of the show have little real impact in terms of their motivations and personalities since they're often not introduced until the last few episodes. It's a rare series that introduces tem from the start and runs their story in parallel in a compelling way. With the recent introduction of Tama and Shuten-doji, we get the paper thin villains with their basic motivations to push back against our loving and angsty cast of women and Yuto.

The plans by Shuten-doji as he uses Tama for his maneuvering has him making a deal that he won't keep with Kaburagi to keep humans out of the battle that is about to come. The scene for that is mildly creepy as people phase out and we see Himari and the gang coming to fight against Tama. It's not a battle that's expected to go well, nor does it, because what they really need is the Light Ferry from Yuto and he's unable to produce such abilities unless someone he cares about is in extreme danger and he's pushed to the edge. He's simply not a combat oriented type and it's turning into a major liability right away in this battle.

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