Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Episode #05 Review

So, it seems they got tired of Star Trek and have this time opted for a Mission Impossible rip-off for their opening. And I didn't notice it before, but there's a Charlie's Angels pose by the three main girls in the opening animation. I guess the production team for this show has a thing for referencing older shows from American TV.

I will give the writers credit for one thing, and that is while they play with the tired cliche of Alien = God to backward cultists or people, at least Elis, who notes that she's not supposed to claim god status (it goes against Catian regulations, apparently) does try to do the smart thing with it: she orders her captor-worshippers to let her and Kio go free. Sadly, these cultists are more interested in declaring the existence of their god rather than obeying their god, and refuse. Instead, they bribe Elis and Kio with food, all the while Antonia, the wealthy spoiled brat leader of the cult, intends to get closer to her god.

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