Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Review: "Ep 17"

As events turn serious, at least as serious as they can be as Sera's injury isn't as critical as it can be, Tatsumi's still his normal self. While in the midst of a casual meeting, he's spending his time going through the soccer cards he just got and is frustrated that none of his players are in the pack that he got. And Tatsumi being who he is, his curiosity is as to whether there are cards of the coaches in there as well. It highlights his personality perfectly and only makes it more amusing when Sera, sitting outside watching kids playing soccer, opens up a pack himself only to get a Natsuki card right off the bat. Sera's problem will likely be more psychological than anything else as he's already feeling that he's at his limits when everyone else is sure that he can go much further.

What turns out to be really nicely done is the conversation that Sakai has with Sera about what it is that it takes to be a good player. As Sera is feeling sorry for himself and the like, Sakai talks about the way the young view things in comparison. Sakai's in his early thirties and there's only so far he can go, but he plays it hard and in the end thinks he's the better player because of what he does in comparison to both Sera and Natsuki. It's an interesting bit of motivation to use that pushes Sera to realize that he's got a long career ahead of himself if he really starts training properly. When things go poorly, it's easy to turn to feeling sorry for yourself and that can start a vicious cycle of events. And with Natsuki nipping at his heels to take his spot and get back in the game, Sera certainly isn't lacking in motivation.

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