Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Episode #10"

Life is returning to Center City as three months have now passed since the Skrugg attack and the actions that Joey and the others took to stop the spheres and Kogarr himself. The world has paused to breathe a little and they've started securing the spheres where they stand since they can't be moved, which leads to some interesting structures. The one in Washington, DC is being used for research, not that anything can penetrate it yet, and a sizeable structure has been built around it (I wonder if it conforms to district codes?)

Though he hasn't been seen publicly, Heroman is a concern of many for different reasons. The government wants to know the truth behind him since they believe he may not always be on their side. Doctor Manami has ended up in Center City to help out with the reconstruction, even though he doesn't want to, as he believes that Heroman may be there and he wants to get a hold of him, either for research or to beat the snot out of him for stealing his thunder. Joey's putting Heroman to good use by doing things at night that involves rebuilding the city quicker than it would normally take as some activities are done in hours that would take weeks otherwise. There are some good moments like this that deals with the reconstruction and fallout, including a rather somber farewell scene for Will after he realizes he can't live among people like he is.

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