One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 451 - Review: "Create the Final Miracle - Break Through th... "

Sometimes miracles are fun to watch, such as having Jimbei save the day right at the end with his calling out to the whale sharks to help the final escape. It's not an escape without some losses though as Inazuma doesn't look too good but these motley pirates have finally made it out and are once again on a ship, feeling alive as the wind blows through their hair. It was a goofy, corny escape with Ivankov and Luffy going over the top to accomplish it, but it still managed to have a sense of fun and excitement about it as they landed outside of the prison walls and onto the ship.

There's still more to do though as they have to make a good escape on their captured Navy vessel. What's going to make it difficult is something most have forgotten in that there is still another gate to get through, the massive Gate of Justice that they should not be able to have open with their own power and ability. What's fun is that we do get some good naval battle moments as the full on fleet of Navy vessels is now in pursuit of the Jimbei captained vessel. Cannonballs are flying everywhere and panic ensues about the gate, both within the Navy and back at the prison with Magellan who is shocked by how events are playing out. The pirate crew is pretty goofy at this point as most seem to have forgotten basic pirating elements since they don't even think to fire back for awhile, but just having everyone out and manning stations awkwardly is a lot of fun.

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