One Piece Season 3 Part 1 DVD Review

The Skypeia saga is one of the shortest sagas in the world of One Piece. It consists of two story arcs, the Jaya arc and the Skypeia arc. The Jaya arc is relatively short with only nine episodes, but important for setting up the premise of how the Straw Hats make it to Skypeia, the floating island in the sky.

The Jaya arc begins with the Nami's Log Pose acting erratically and pointing to the sky. Upon discovering this, a huge ship falls out of the sky nearly hitting the Going Merry. Inspecting the wreckage reveals a map of an island named Skypeia. This discovery does not go without conflict as Masira, an ape-like man, comes along to salvage what is left of the wreckage. His ship and crew are interesting enough to say the least as they imitate his zeal for salvaging shipwrecks. The encounter with Masira further reveals information about Skypeia, the rumored floating island in the sky. Luffy is immediately sold on the idea and becomes obsessed in finding out more about the island. So, they head off to the nearest island, Jaya, to find out more.

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