Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 163 - Review: "Explode! Sage Mode "

The tease in the previous episode with the return of Naruto in a somewhat intriguing sense of style and form kicks off this episode, though not without reminding us just how much damage has been caused by the Akatsuki that are attacking the Village of the Hidden Leaf. There's very little seemingly left of the area we can see and the realization about what's happened there is definitely very surprising to the sages that have returned with Naruto. Surprisingly, Naruto himself is pretty calm about it at first but as it starts to sink in, his anger is what's about to take over since something so precious to him has been obliterated.

Watching everyone pull themselves from the rubble while trying to figure out whose survived is pretty brutal to watch. Of course, things are couched well enough that those that you think may be dead have a slim chance of survival, but amidst all the destruction that's visible here it's still a pretty significant moment. With the last attack, it's hard to imagine a large number of people surviving, but a good sized evacuation occurred quickly and early on so the overall level of damage is mostly structural, something that will definitely help in the village's future survival. The psychological effect of such an attack and the wave of destruction is another matter though, and you can see elements of that sinking into various survivors who are still within the remains of the village trying to fight against the Akatsuki.

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