caprica hang on a minute

I think it would be better to explore Cobol the home of the gods. It was where humans and the "gods" lived together. What are the gods? aliens? are they still out there? and they built the first cylons. so if you want to go back to the beginning they should start there. what do you all think?



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Apr 15, 2009 6:57PM EDT

But you don't have the family links that cary into BSG. Like we are seeing Bill Adama grow up here with his father, Apollo's grandfather. I like that link. I would suspect we might see further links later in the show, or not, but I think it's interesting to see from an omnicient perspective because we know how some of these people turn out.
I agree that you could take any number of tangents from BSG and with RDM and DE heading up the writing turn almost anything into a brilliant series. I'm okay with where the first CYLON appeared. that means we get to see the final five at some point, doesn't it?

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May 12, 2009 7:40PM EDT

Oh yeah thanks for that jackieu0225, hadn't thought about the final 5 at all, OMG this show could well be amazing!!!!

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