Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 24 - Review: "Resurrection"

With the Skrugg now revived in some form and making a move on Washington DC, things have moved quickly now that Joey has said what he wanted to with Lina and has been flown out by Hughes to help out. Though it's somewhat goofy when you look at it with Heroman and Joey just running down the streets to get to their destination once dropped in, it does show us that Joey has some athletic ability, likely enhanced by his connection with Heroman, and it helps him from being just a controller of the situation, ala Ash from Pokemon. Instead of just directing Heroman, he's able to be actively involved and threatened. Joey still doesn't look the traditional hero, but he's carving out his place rather nicely.

The invasion of DC is pretty nicely done, though I'm sure there are inconsistencies that the natives can find, but just from my few trips there they captured a lot of the look and feel far better than almost any series I can think of that's had an excursion into the capitol. While Heroman and Joey deal with various attacks, filmed by the news network from earlier in the series, Denton is setting up things to help out Heroman when the battle gets really precarious as he has the help of Lina, Psy and Holly. Taking into account what happened in his last main battle against the wacky scientist and the MR-1 robot, Denton is rather proud of what he's designed and how it will help. It's good to see the supporting cast in a real support role here while we see Joey making his way through the invasion covered streets of the city.

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