Shigofumi Complete Collection DVD Review

Shigofumi: Letters From the Departed is a rare series in that it's an original work that spawned a light novel series which saw the light of day before the anime itself did. The anime series came out in the first quarter of 2008 while the light novels ran for four volumes from 2006 to 2008. The anime series, clocking in twelve episodes plus an OVA episode, give us an interesting show once you get into it, but it seems like it could be predictable at first. The show takes a few odd turns toward the end but what it evolves into during the middle arc results in something surprisingly creative.

Shigofumi revolves around numerous characters that have connections revealed, but primarily with Fumika. Fumika is an operative for the Gospel Office who delivers letters from the recently deceased to someone that's still living that they want to communicate with. Not everyone gets this option, only a select few do, and the Gospel Office informs the courier, such as Fumika, of it and she and the intelligent Staff that she has head out to try and deliver it. There are numerous regions and different people who deliver the letters and there are some neat little quirks to it. The unsurprising one is that those that deliver the letters have died themselves. The surprising one is that unlike all the other carriers, Fumika has been aging in the three years that she's been delivering the letters. It sets her apart and makes her a definite curiousity with those who are aware of her situation.

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