Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Red Plum Blossoms On the Demons... "

Nura took an awkward turn in the previous episode with the paranormal investigation group at school and then the forcing of everyone to head to Rikuo's home where there's nothing but yokai. Yokai that are plainly yokai just by looking them, or at the least people who are decidedly not normal that will make you talk. Everything took a turn for safety at the end though when Rikuo's night form showed up and saved the day from the big bad yokai and that's left at least one or two of Rikuo's casual friends feeling that maybe there are such things as good yokai, something that can help him now possibly make real friends and move forward.

That's if he ever gets out of bed. The event has certainly worn him out and it's not earned him too many friends among those in the household as one even comments on how simply pathetic his day time self is. That's got to cut deep while adding to the whole idea that he really doesn't belong in a way and reinforces that he shouldn't be the Third Heir to himself. Yet there are still plenty who want him to take on that role and with the competing members who think someone else is better suited to the role, it adds a basic level of tension to Rikuo's everyday life. Of course, that's made worse when several of his classmates arrive to check on him after school and the panic sets in that they may discover even more unusual things this time around.

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