Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "The Black Bullet"

Dipping into another single episode story, which means it's fairly tight and well played out, Cobra offers up an amusing piece this time around. As said, in order to get some money he sets up a nice little gig with the Meteor Race that's about to happen and sets himself to participate in it. It's not that he wants to win the race but rather to use it as a good cover for getting into a deep vault far below by causing an accident when he wins the race. In classic Bond style, he walks away from it by stripping off his racing uniform to reveal a dashing white suit as he heads down into the depths below.

All of this is prologue though as he ends up meeting the woman he bested in the race, Pamela Lee, who was the champion before Cobra slid into that place. Amusingly, he's not going by an alias with this so people know who he is pretty easily and that leads to some trouble. First it has Pamela begging him to take on something called the Black Bullet, a high speed vehicle racing through the city and causing trouble. And secondly, he ends up in the arms of a rather beautiful police officer who sets him free so he can handle the Black Bullet as well even knowing who he really is. Not that any woman can resist the charms of Cobra anyway

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