Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 16 - Review: "Frozen Time"

Yuki's time at the main mansion has been a bit problematic as we saw in the last episode but it gets more so in this one in a different way. While sitting down with Takashiro and being complimented for appearing to be prepared compared to when they last met, Yuki finds himself meeting more members of the Giou clan that are here and that are tasked to deal with him in various ways. The first is Tsubaki, the younger sister of Ibuki, who also happens to look after Masamune, a young man who is an apprentice necromancer that's working to become an important part of the mansion guard. Tsubaki and Masamune have a fairly standard relationship where Tsubaki is outgoing and happy with everyone except for Masamune as she treats him fairly blandly.

Just what we needed. More cast members.

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