Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Episode #04"

Tatsumi's change to the team by having Gino take on the role of the team captain, at least for this particular game, is a surprise the opposing team since they figured he's such a self centered type that he wouldn't be able to run it right. But amazingly enough, he's changed in some way that allows him to really work the team well when it comes to passing and moving things around the field while using the relative strengths of those around him to get close to achieving goal. There's some other surprises in store as well as Tsubaki proves to be a force that they didn't expect as he's an incredibly fast mid-fielder who can change the dynamic of a play.

A good bit of time is spent here with Tsubaki as it goes back to the last night of the training camp and we see Tatsumi spending a little quality time with him. Tsubaki is doing his damndest to get things right but is having a hard time figuring out what works or why he's as off kilter as he has been. Tatsumi's the kind of coach that does let silence stand, to draw out the inner thoughts of the person he's working with, and that lets him get inside his head in a better way than some other coaches might. Tsubaki's honesty, albeit a bit too many tears, is the right thing to establish what needs to be done and gives Tatsumi what he needs in order to use the raw material he has in front of him. Tatsumi hasn't done a lot of talking in the first couple of episodes, but he is positively inspiring here.

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