Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Movie 2: Lovers DVD Review

The first installment of the Zeta Gundam movie trilogy, A New Translation, didn't exactly wow me. While I adored the TV series, far more so than the original series and close to how I felt about the original trilogy of movies, this condensation of the series from fifty episodes to three ninety minute movies felt like it was lacking. It was the kind of condensation that dumps a lot of stuff and streamlines other but ends up feeling like it's all about the action and non-stop movement. At times it felt like a ninety-minute car chase scene that doesn't let up and that has very little appeal. This movie slows down a bit more at times but it still essentially throws a lot of things at the viewer that doesn't help you connect with anyone.

The core of this movie is about setting up the pieces for the fight that's building. The politics of humanity has fractured and the Titans are making a serious play to take control of everything through the use of force. Their manipulation of events and swaying the tide of public opinion has work in their favor and now they want to finish it all off by taking over control of the Earth Federation and all of the military. Which is pretty ambitious considering the Titans were essentially the offshoot of the Earth Federation military that dealt with certain issues. But people like Bask have used every tool at their disposal to make this happen and make that grab for power. Because of it, and the way the Titans come from so many walks of life, they take on the role of the bad guys but there's an indefinable quality about them that makes them stand out.

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