Sacred Blacksmith Episode #09 Review

Sacred Blacksmith has had an odd feeling to it for the last couple of episodes in the way it plays out. It seems like there are things it wants to do, but it's still in that early "fantasy novel" stage where it's all about the setup of the setting, sometimes down to the details in a way that makes it a chore to get through. The recent small arc involving Chalotte gave us some bigger picture clues and we saw the structure of politics exposed a little bit as House Cambell and the town didn't want to get into difficulties with the Empire over her and the way she's now apparently quite the wanted person.

This episode plays with a couple of things in the character relationship department that makes some things a bit clearer. Aria completely messes with Cecily when she mentions to her family that there's a guy in her life as she begins describing Luke to her mother with Fio in the room. That's all Cecily's mother needs to hear to start the ball rolling in getting her gussied up a bit, a chore that Fio is all too interested in dealing with as she gets Cecily into an outfit that is very thin in the waist while showing off how top-heavy she is when she's out of the armor. She does feel awkward about the whole thing when she goes to spend time with Luke, but that doesn't last long as the two end up going out and she learns a lot about him.

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