Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Hero Show Association "

Our nameless lead is once again in pursuit of love and happiness and has found himself in an unusual position. His search of the right club initially leads him to a Hero club where he gets to dress up as Mochiguman and entertain the kids with fun little matches against suited villains. His first gig has him helping out Akaishi when he sees her out in the audience being accosted by a couple of punks who want to party with her. With the help of the kids in the audience, they're able to drive back the punks and he makes a good impression on her, though he ends up back in his normal mode not long after that.

His normal mode of course being a descent into the weird and unusual as he ends up helping out Jougaski by watching over his doll. The life sized doll is quite beautiful, well taken care of and filled with a sense of elegance. But the owner takes it to the extreme with a full menu of things that needs to be done while he's away and that kind of freaks out our lead. He wants nobody to know about this, but a certain demon faced friend knows all and it puts him in a mild panic over anyone else finding out. At the same time, he's realizing that there may be more to this doll as he's starting to hear her voice and wondering if she may really be real and he's just not noticed it all this time.

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