Asperger's on GA

Of all the many, many gaffes that the creators of Shondaco have birthed, I think this one takes the cake.

They begin with a medical anecdote: Siamese Twins who need to separate, quintuplets, people rammed through with a giant metal pole, encasing entire bodies in cement, and now there is the fantastically flawed representation of Asperger's.

The person they are attempting to describe is Temple Grandin, who was famous for designing her own squeeze machine. But Grandin has autism, not Asperger's. And she will be the first person to tell you there's a difference.

Second of all, although it is cute and precious that Shondaco thought to have Bailey and Yang "hug it out," the example is wretched because the point of the squeeze machine is that Grandin hates being touched by humans. If she wanted human contact she wouldn't need a machine.

The real point of GA's antics is just silliness and not reality at all. And now Americans far and wide are going to come away from the show thinking they understand what people with Asperger's want: Touching! Yes, try that with your typical Aspy and see where you end up.


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