Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 14 - Review: "Beleaguer "

The trio are on the move now that they've escaped from Center City in their Winnebago Of Fun as we've got Joey with Heroman in his backpack, Psy with his crutches and old man Professor Denton. This trip really needed some female company but they foolishly left Lina behind when setting out so as to not, you know, ruin her life. This little band of travelers is set to make their way to Nevada where Denton has a place for them to crash while trying to figure out the best way to clear Heroman's name considering all that's happened now. Heroman hasn't earned the best of reputations after what happened in Center City at the end of his time there and it's naturally showing up on the news everywhere.

What is surprising is that the police have decided to put out an APB on all of them by plastering their faces on the TV everywhere. It seems a bit of an odd idea if you have the NIS trying to capture them to do it so publicly, but it's worth it for the kinds of wacky simple costumes they come up with to try and blend in. The beauty of pulling your hood up! The secret powers of wearing a cowboy hat and a fake mustache! Of course, when you realize that the vehicle they're driving has the orange image of an alien head on it, they're going to stick out like a sore thumb no matter where they go. It doesn't help that Joey, having never seen any kind of movie or TV show before, slips away from the group in order to call Lina and check on her. Cause you know nobody is tracking her line in the slightest.

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