Cross Game- Season 1 - Episode 45 - Review: ''That's What I Should Be Saying!"

Hearing Aoba in a good mood in the shower, Mizuki assumes that Seishuu won again. He is annoyed since he can't schedule the family camp. Akane doesn't show up to work because she's feeling ill, which worries Aoba. After getting advice from Aoba, Kou adjusts his pitching the next game, which gives him speed but loses some control. Despite giving up numerous walks, Seishuu still wins, advancing them to the quarterfinals. Kou tries to tell the reporters Aoba's importance to the team and himself, but is lost since all they see is that she can't play in any of the official games. Akaishi finds out Akane is in the hospital to be tested for an unspecified illness, which distracts his focus. Aoba goes to visit Akane and is startled by her repeating what Wakaba once said about Kou. During the quarterfinals game, despite Akaishi being distracted, everyone else played really well resulted in Seishuu winning.

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