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Ive started watching BSG again. knowing how it ends ive found a few problems. SEASON 2 episode 7 home part 2. There on Cobol, in the tome looking at the 12 constellations as seen from earth.where the 13th tribe went(the cylons) but the first earth was destroyed and the 2nd earth (our earth) were a million light years apart so the view would be completely different right? and the 13th tribe went to the first earth so if there standing on the earth that the 13th tribe went to they cant be standing on our earth because the cylons never went there and it was only discovered when starbuck entered the notes of that song into the jump computer. dos not make any seance? also there were thousands of people still alive on the 12 worlds after the attacks as we know from episode called the farm. what happened to them? and the gods in the same episode home part 2 adama said that zuse told the leaders of the 12 tribes to go to the tombe who or what was zuse? where did they go (the gods) i mean i think there would be a very good story to be told. 1 last thing if the people who survived the attacks were still alive when the cylons left then they would still be there right? but after 150,000 years what would become of them? just a few things i thought i ask.


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May 2, 2009 8:27PM EDT

You do have a point! I dont think it makes sense that the constellations for our earth are the same as the one for the nuked earth. Unless that put that little mistake in for the whole it happened before and will happen again thing (ie maybe it will be OUR future also to be nuked; but doesnt have to be like lee adama said). Along this same type of thinking I think that they gods of old were probably compatible humans that had come from other planets with language, technology, and advanced civilization {sort of like the humans/cylons came to our planet ;) }
All that happened before will happen again.
Or then again it could all just be a mistake and/or lazy writing! LOL
I do think the part about the gods was meant to be like that; the constellation thing not so sure....

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May 2, 2009 11:51PM EDT

I think the whole story with the gods is something that we have to miss out on. One of the big messages behind Battlestar was that we have to accept certain realities of the story, we have to accept that they happened, and move on. When a story is over, it's over.
That being said, let's talk constellations; I thought about that when I was watching the finale for the first time, and I quickly came to my own conclusion about it. Starbuck pulled the co-ordinates for Earth out of thin air. Something was guiding her. I think that same thing was responsible for the constellations surrounding Earth.1 being the same as the ones around Earth.2. I don't think it was a mistake made by the creators.. because that would be one giant mistake. I think Baltar's speech at the end really summed it up. Something out there in the universe is responsible for all the insane, random coincidences. and really, if you look hard enough at the stars in the sky, you can always find duplicates of constellations at a stretch.

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May 3, 2009 1:11AM EDT

In terms of the constalations:You can tell they were standing on our earth when they went into the tomb because they were on grass. Nothing was growing on the nuked earth. This was an event orchestrated by an angel of god (starbuck put the arrow on the statue) so god had control over what they saw, and god wanted them to go to our earth.
In terms of the coordinates:If you take C# as 1 in the key of D major (C and F are sharp) then count each full note as 1 (id D is 2, E is 3, F# is 4, etc) then the notes of watchtower she played are they cooridantes:she played:( C# C# D E A G E A G E D C#) which translates in numbers to 1123 6536 5321 which is the coordinates she entered

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May 3, 2009 7:57AM EDT

wow farghes and sensrule your answers basically summed up everything. I knew that Starbuck had assigned the numbers for the notes and what the numbers were but I didnt know how to back track them to the actual keys...I forget how to read music :( The funny thing is that I used to play the piano as a child when I was young, I started around 5 or 6 (just like starbuck :P) and now in my early twenties the show has inspired me to start again :)

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May 11, 2009 11:46AM EDT

Regarding survivors on the 12 colonies:If a planet is completely nuked as it was shown with Caprica, the radiation will spread around the entire planet making a longterm survival impossible.If the other colonies where nuked likewise there will be no survivors left because radiation levels are to high.But there is one possibility for other survivors if they where able to get off world. For example in the movie Razor it was said that the Peagasus found another civilian fleet herself. Who knows how many civilian ships where able to form fleets on their own and to get out of the system.
One more thing: if talking about survivors one shouldn't forget the possibility of people left behind on New Caprica.

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