Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Episode 4"

Sometimes an act of kindness can go the wrong way, especially if you're someone like Ryoshi. His doing the most basic of things a person should do when someone else is in trouble ends up causing him a fair bit of trouble himself. Saving Otogi Bank club member Otsuu from a baseball that would have given her quite the whack, she takes it as a significant debt that must be repaid. Where Ryoshi sees this as just doing what's right, he has a hard time understanding how Otsuu is seeing it. Especially when he returns home and sees her waiting there ready to serve him in every way possible. What's amusing is that everyone sees Ryoshi as ready to take advantage of the situation. Haven't they figured him out by now?

Since everyone wants to make sure this is on the up and up, Ryoko and Ringo go to visit Ryoshi at his house and take in the strange situation that. Where the humor lies is in that Ryoshi's aunt is a writer that Ryoko is just in love with. A romance writer in fact, whom she has to go other towns bookstores to buy so that nobody knows what kind of books she really likes. Naturally, Ringo is fully aware of what Ryoko likes and points out how she knows all the hiding places, much like how a young man hides his adult magazines or videos. Having Ryoko in the presence of her favorite writer, a relative of Ryoshi's no less, puts her on her best behavior as they take in the scope of what it is that Otsuu is doing there.

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