Maid-Sama! Episode #04-06 Review

In the first of these three episodes, a commotion is caused in the cafe Misaki works at, Maid Latte, by the sudden appearance of a very cute young girl, who immediately turns the heads of all of the males in the establishment. She turns out to be Aoi Hyoudou, the 14-year-old niece of Satsuki, the owner of the cafe. It's not as simple as that though. Aoi caused such a commotion because she also happens to be a very popular net idol at the moment. This is not a simple family visit, however. Aoi has run away from home, basically, having upset her father, Satsuki's elder brother. She makes a bit of a racket, and demands to be allowed to wear a maid outfit, like the workers at the cafe. She does, and of course, turns the heads of all of the customers. Except one, obviously. Usui comes along and is non-plussed by Aoi's appearance. This, of course, makes Aoi all the more determined to gain his interest, especially since Usui is such an attractive young man.

Not only that, but Usui can cook. When the kitchen help doesn't show up that day, Satsuki desperately seeks help, and Usui volunteers. The boy can apparently cook in addition to everything else he can do. As I said in my first review, he is too perfect. This just increases all of the ladies' appreciation for him, except for Miksaki, of course, though even she admits his rice omelette is good. As for Aoi, she is incensed by Usui's indifference and tries to make her move. Things go wrong, however, as Usui responds to Aoi's brazen approach by pushing the envelope a little too far. Something is not quite right, however. When one looks at Aoi, one cannot help but think that she is also too perfect. Too perfectly fake, since it turns out that Aoi is actually a boy who dresses in drag because he likes cute things. The others at school made fun of him for his love of cute things, so he has created this whole other life to pursue his love of cute. Going a little overboard, of course. That love of cute, of course, is why he has such a visceral reaction to Misaki, a naturally cute girl who dresses in boring clothing and acts too much like a guy. Aoi tries to drag Misaki out shopping, but it's hopeless, as Misaki is only interested in things that are cheap. In the end, Aoi decides to make an outfit for Misaki (in which she really looks quite good), and Misaki tries to tell Aoi to just be himself and not care what other people think. Well, it wouldn't be shoujo if it didn't try to impart a life lesson every episode.

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