Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Younger Sisters"

After a bit of time apart to go to their own schools, Nishino returns into the scene and she ends up providing a lot of encouragement for Manaka to go forward with his movie plans. This comes after the issues he had with Kitaoji in the previous episode where she got ticked off by him and threw his camcorder in the lake and then eventually realized that she likes him a fair bit after being in his class. His prospects for making a movie got even more awkward when Tojo revealed that she had joined the literature club and it meant that she was likely to not participate in the film club since she'd be busy there. Part of that was because she was threatened by Kitaoji on some level and ran away from what Manaka was involved in.

This all gets cleaned up a bit and Tojo decides to participate in the film club, though her primary focus will still be the literature club. The two try to solidify their relationship a bit more and she ends up nudging him into letting her visit his house, which he had to spend a lot of time cleaning up. Manaka's teenage hormones are on full alert here since he's almost always seen her in school uniforms. Having her in casual clothes, such as a short denim skirt and a strappy top, is almost too much for him to bear. Amusingly, he gets caught up in the movie they watch for a bit but then finds himself far more attracted to her because she's so involved in the film herself. They definitely have a fun little teenage romance thing going on here in a way most other series never really manage to get to since it's all about the overall competition among the harem members or the will they or won't they reveal their feelings. Here, there's already that revelation, which complicates the competition.

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